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Guide To Lambretta Scooter Restoration

Posted by Admin on March, 05, 2015

For two-wheeler lovers, Lambretta is a cult name. This fine brand, dating back to the 1940s, is presently owned by Scooters India Limited (SIL). Although, when bikes were introduced to the market, such scooters went into the garages. But as it is said, what goes around comes around, Lambretta Scooters are also back on the roads. So, it’s time that you bring it out from the garage and start the restoration process. You need not worry about finding the right parts as many Scooter Parts Manufacturers have them available in abundance.

A few tips have been mentioned below to help with your Lambretta Scooter Restorations:-

  • The bearing tracks and protection covers are to be placed on the top and bottom of the fork tube, including the chrome headset support ring.
  • Fit the stand and splash plate assembly onto the frame which will allow the frame work to stand up while the fitting is done.
  • Position cables loosely on the frame and affix them roughly with the help of plastic cable ties which can be removed later. Carry out the same procedure with the wiring loom.
  • Fit the rear light unit, frame badge, holder and rear mudguard. All these Lambretta Scooter Parts are readily available in the market.
  • Position the seats, preferably without covers.
  • Build the glove box door with buffers and place the rubber to finally install it.
  • Fit the fuel tank, with all rubbers and straps, and also fix the fuel lever and frame grommet.
  • Install the air box and air scoop, put in forks and the front wheel assembly.
  • Fix the rear brake switch, horn and connect up. Fit the engine unit complete with the rear hub and wheel.
  • Put on the leg shields ready for alignment, but do not fix it at this stage. Also fit the headset base in position.

Now ensure that everything aligns properly; cable the wires and try to start it. If everything seems fine, you can give it a run to check its adjustments and engine working and brakes. By following these steps, you have just restored yourself a Lambretta Vintage Scooter.

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